Yes and No

Running late and feeling under the weather, so all you get today is yes and no.

“No” is incredibly easy; reflecting Persian’s Indo-European roots, it’s نه (nah), so close to “no” it’s basically the same word.

There are a couple of variants for “yes” that may be encountered. These are بَله (balah, pronounced “ba-leh,” which may also be spelled بَلیbut is still pronounced “ba-leh” even though it looks like it should be “ba-lee”) and آری (ārī, but also pronounced “a-reh” despite looking like “a-ree”). آری is probably more common in speech, and seems like a derivative of بلی given that “r” and “l” sounds are often interchangeable, but I unfortunately can’t explain why the ی vowel is shortened in this case.

Because I don’t know, not because it’s some kind of secret or something.


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