Family vocab V: grandparents

Family vocab I: mother and father

Family vocab II: child, son and daughter

Family vocab III: brothers and sisters

Family vocab IV: aunts and uncles

Grandfather can be پِدَربُزُرگ (pidar-buzurg, “peh-dar-bo-zorg,” pl. پِدَربُزُرگها, literally “grand father”), نیا (niyā), پیر مَرد (pīr-mard, literally “old man,” more respectful than it sounds in English) or the Arabic جَدّ (jadd, plural اجداد ajdād). Grandmother is مادَربُزُرگ (mādar-buzurg, pl. مادَربُزُرگها mādar-buzurghā), نَنه‌بُزُرگ (nanah-buzurg, note the relation to “nana”), or the Arabic جَدّه (jaddah).


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