Family vocab VI: cousins

Family vocab I: mother and father

Family vocab II: child, son and daughter

Family vocab III: brothers and sisters

Family vocab IV: aunts and uncles

Family vocab V: grandparents

I wish there were a simple way to do this, but since Persian distinguishes between paternal and maternal aunts and uncles, there are lots of ways to say “cousin” instead of one word as we have in English. Complicating things further, there are actually two ways to say “cousin,” either as “son/daughter of ____” or as “____’s offspring.” “Offspring” is زاده (zādah, “zaa-deh”), so from that we get:

  • Cousin from paternal uncle = عَمّو‌زاده (ʿammū-zādah)
  • Cousin from paternal aunt = عَمّه‌زاده (ʿammah-zādah)
  • Cousin from maternal uncle = دایی‌زاده (dayī-zādah)
  • Cousin from maternal aunt = خاله‌زاده (khālah-zādah)

If we do this the “son/daughter of ____” way, we get (son first, daughter second):

  • Cousin from paternal uncle = پِسَرِ عَمّو (pisar-i ʿammū) and دُختَرِ عَمّو (dukhtar-i ʿammū)
  • Cousin from paternal aunt = پِسَرِ عَمّه (pisar-i ʿammah) and دُختَرِ عَمّه (dukhtar-i ʿammah)
  • Cousin from maternal uncle = پِسَرِ دایی (pisar-i dāyī) and دُختَرِ دایی (dukhtar-i dāyī)
  • Cousin from maternal aunt = پِسَرِ خاله (pisar-i khālah) and دُختَرِ خاله (dukhtar-i khālah)

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