To move (relocate)

I realize that things have been quiet around here for a while, but this entry might help explain why.

“My family and I have moved to Virginia” = مَن وَ خوانِواده‌ام به ایالتِ ویرجینیا نَقل مَکان کَرده‌ایم (man va kwānivādah-am bih ayālat-i vīrgīniyā naql makān kardah-īm, “man-o-khaa-ne-vaa-de-am-beh-ay-aal-at-eh-veer-geen-iyaa-naql-ma-kaan-kar-deh-eem”)

Couple of things to note here: Persian takes the Arabic verb نَقَلَ (naqala, “move”) and combines it with the Persian word مَکان (makān, “place”) to get the idea of moving place to place. The present perfect (“we have moved”) tense is created by taking the present copula (I don’t know, I’m not a linguist, but you form it by adding ه to the present stem) and adding the past tense person/number ending. The word ایالت (ayālat) means “state” (from the same root as the Arabic وِلاية), so the literal translation is “the state of Virginia,” and it can be omitted but I wanted to keep it in to be comprehensive.

Anyway, that’s why things haven’t been happening around here of late, but I’ll try to do better moving forward.

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