Eid Mubarak (عید قربان)

Today marks the celebration of the second (and more important) of the two Islamic festivals, the Festival of the Sacrifice, known in Arabic as Eid al-Adha but in Persian as Eid-i Qurban (عیدِ قُربان, ʿīd-i qurbān). قُربان is another Arabic word meaning “sacrifice,” and for whatever reason this is the term that crossed into Persian and is used for this holiday. I wrote about the holiday on my Arabic blog.

Aside from the name, there is one other vocabulary change from Arabic to Persian: the animals that are sacrificed to commemorate the holiday, which are called adhiyah in Arabic, are called قُربانی (qurbānī) in Persian. Appropriate greetings for the festival are the same as in Arabic and the same as those used for the other Eid, عيد الفِطر (ʿīd-i fiṭr, Eid-e Fetr): عيد مُبارَك (ʿīd mubārak, Eid Mubarak), “Blessed Festival (Eid)” and عيد سَعيد (ʿīd saʿīd, Eid Saeed), “Happy Festival.”


3 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak (عید قربان)

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    Eid-i Qurban, the Festival of the Sacrifice, begins tomorrow, so here is my post on the festival from last year.
    عید مبارک to those observing the festival, and Tzom Kal (צום קל, I think) to those who are observing Yom Kippur, which began tonight.

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