Meats: گوشتها

Keeping with a food theme, here are Persian words for some common meats. I’m including a few non-halal (حلال, “permitted,” akin to “Kosher” if you like) meats, because (and this should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway) not everybody who speaks Persian is a Muslim.

Have I missed your favorite? Leave it in comments and I’ll add it!

Meat, گوشت (gūsht):

  • Beef: گوشت گاو (gūsht-ِِi gāv, “meat of a cow”)
    • Hamburger: همبرگر (hamburgir)
    • Steak: استَیک (istayk)
    • Veal: گوشت گَوساله (gūsht-ِِi gavsālah)
  • Chicken: جوجه (jūjah) or مُرغ (murgh); مرغ is a more generic term for “bird,” but you’ll find these used interchangeably and to mean different kinds of poultry (e.g., you might see a “Joojeh” kabob on the same menu with a “Morgh” kabob, where one refers to chicken and the other to something like Cornish hen)
  • Turkey: بو قَلَمون (bū qalamūn)
  • Lamb: گوشت بره (gūsht-ِِi barrah) or just بره
    • Mutton: گوشت گوسفند (gūsht-ِِi gūsfand)
  • Goat: گوشت بز (gūsht-ِِi baz) or just بز
  • Pork: گوشت خوک (gūsht-ِِi khūk)
    • Ham: ژامبون (zhāmbūn, from the French jambon) or گوشت ران خوک (gūsht-ِِi rān-i khūk, “meat of the thigh of the pig”)
  • Bacon (halal bacon can be made from turkey, beef, even fish, provided it’s prepared in the correct way): بَيكن (baykun)
  • Sausage (again, halal sausages can be made with beef, turkey, lamb, chicken, etc.): سوسیس (sūsīs)
  • Fish: ماهی (māhī)
    • Salmon: ماهی قزل آلا (māhī-i qizil ālā, “red fish” or “pink fish”)
    • Tuna: تُن ماهی (tun māhī)
  • Lobster: لابستر (lābstir)
  • Shrimp: میگو (maygū)
  • Crab: خرچنگ (kharchang)

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