Transportation: نقل

Some vocabulary to help you get around. I’m trying something a little different here in that, when dealing with cognates or near-cognates, I’m going to give you the pronunciation rather than the English transliteration, which you’ll probably never need.

  • car: ماشین (māshīn), اتومبیل (“automobile”)
  • truck: کامیون (kāmyūn), meaning something capable of carrying freight
  • motorcycle: موتورسیکلت (“motorcyclet”)
  • bus: اتوبوس (“autobus”)
  • train: قطار (qiṭār)
  • plane: هواپیما (havāpaymā)
  • boat/ship/ferry: کشتی (kishtī)
  • bicycle: دو چرخه (dū charkhah), literally “two-wheeler”
  • taxi: تاكسی (“taxi”)
  • walking (verb): راه رفتن (rāh raftan)
    • “a walk”: راهروی (rāh-rūy)
  • running (verb): دویدن (davīdan)